Kirsche von Bubach
Change The Parameters A Little Bit
Otomatik Muziek
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Edition of 50 copies, riso-printed booklets
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1The Tower 4:48
2Dead Silky 2:20
3Kimberley 2:35
4Dandelion 2:54
5Magnetic Layer Cake 2:23
6Persistant Refusal 3:26
7Easy Escalator 1:43
8Waking Up Late 6:01

Susanne Dundler a.k.a. Kirsche von Bubach is a contemporary artist whose artistic expression includes video, multimedia installations and sound. She is an active member of the sound collective Dynamische Akustische Forschung (DAF). „Change The Parameters A Little Bit“ is her first release.

Recorded as one take, „Change The Parameters...“ is a rough piece of sound art, evoking reminiscence to the sounds channeled at GRM as well as the general vibe of 80’s tape underground weirdness or bringing to mind contemporaries like Pauwel de Buck (in terms of experimentation) or Jasmine Guffond (in terms of minimalism).

For an example, as much as rhythm and sequencing make up an integral part of Dundler’s playing, she doesn’t aim for a cheap shot and uses it not as a means to organize sound, but more as a specific timbre - creating a certain vibrancy, where intervals of silence are as much of importance as the more audible oscillations in between. Of course, repetition plays a vital role on this journey, but again: you won’t hear pathetic build-ups on this release. It is not about construction, but all about creation. Recorded on a microkorg with minimal setup, this music is completely unsentimental, yet deeply personal and human. It’s like with every new track, she is cartographing new ways to walk, breathe, see. The Kirsche von Bubach is defining a territory of sound while walking through it - carefully, playfully, with open ears and a distinctive sense for phenomena.

Distilled from an hour-long improvisation and sparsely edited and produced, its rough, grainy lo-fi sound aesthetic is what holds these tracks together, as much as they work perfectly as single tracks, which is also owed to Dundler’s narrative titeling. For real - „Dead Silky“ or „Easy Escalator“ would make total sense as essays. Or take „Waking Up Late“: it takes you where it goes, harsh, yet super quirky, fucking with your perception in a super safe and open way - like this is what japanese harsh noise might sound like when you’d blow away all that toxic masculinity.

Also, as the album title suggests, you can read this one as a reflection of right now, a comment on how drastic the turning of a knob slightly into one direction or the other can change a whole system.