’83 & Extra Studio Works
Gatefold sleeve
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1Elevator 3:55
2Gonadotropic Synthesis 7:19
3Subway 49 4:54
4Communication Off 4:36
5Approach On Tokyo 5:19
6Digital Delight 5:54
7Model Type A 5:08
8Radioactive Mist 5:28
9Jungle City 5:13
10Army Service 6:03
11Military Service 6:46
12Surrender to the Dream 6:19

After a first reissue, which seduced music lovers nearly 40 years after the group's disbanding, Le Backstore and On The Roof have repressed the works of IKO as a double vinyl set. '83 & Extra Studio Works includes the entirety of the '83 album, plus four tracks recorded after its original release. The additional pieces reveal an outfit that pushes its own limits, gaining in intensity while straying away from the more abrasive sound of the early days. The keen desire to experiment that has always been present in the trio's artistic approach is definitely there. One only has to listen to "Surrender To The Dream" to take the full measure of the creativity that inhabited Dax, Zao and U-Gen. With an improved overall sound thanks to high-level mastering, IKO's music is given new life again.