ESP Summer
Mars Is A Ten
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LP (clear)
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Incl. A2-poster, die-cut sleeve
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1Sticky Sun 3:36
2Web Of Dream 3:06
3Simple Eye 4:34
4More Water 2:19
5Golden Heart Of The Year 3:33
6Land Of 102° 4:28
7Your Hands 5:02
8On You 2:09
9Splinters 5:07
10Last Time Hand 4:02
11When Leaves Are Gone 3:27
12No June 2:15

Warren Defever (His Name is Alive) and Ian Masters (Pale Saints) reissue their debut album, originally released on Time Stereo 1995 (cassette) & Karina Square 1995 and Perdition Plastics 1996 (CD). This is the first time vinyl edition.

»Combines Masters« sweet, choirboy vocals with his and Defever's way around minimal guitar pop with appropriately spiky, strange touches at points. At its simplest and most unaffected, ESP Summer sounds wonderfully, beautifully fragile. (All Music)

Warren Defever (with a revolving cast of vocalists and touring musicians) is His Name is Alive, who have released over a hundred releases since their first cassette in 1986. HNIA spent 13 years recording for the legendary label 4AD and sold 100,000+ records, toured the world, received gold and platinum records for soundtracking Tom Cruise’s nervous breakdown in the movie Jerry Maguire and collaborated on two short films with famed animators the Quay Brothers. They were also name-checked by David Bowie as one of his favourite artists. For the past few years Disciples have been issuing a number of unreleased early home recordings made by Warren was still a teenager - the LP trilogy of All The Mirrors In The House, Return To Never and Hope Is A Candle was anthologised as a boxset, A Silver Thread. Defever continues to live and work in Detroit and is one of the engineers heading up Third Man’s recently opened mastering studio.

Ian Masters was the singer, bassist and one of the founding members of Pale Saints who were formed in Leeds in 1987. They recorded two much-loved albums for 4AD, The Comforts Of Madness and In Ribbons, before Masters departed. Subsequently collaborating with Chris Trout from A.C. Temple as Spoonfed Hybrid (who recorded one album for 4AD imprint Guernica) and Warren Defever as ESP Summer. In 2020 Masters oversaw the expanded 30th anniversary reissue of The Comforts Of Madness, adding demos and a John Peel session. Now residing in Osaka, Japan, he continues to write and play music with different collaborators, including the duo Isolated Gate (with Tim Koch) and Cucumber Concubine (with Mark Tranmer a.k.a.GNAC). He also runs the Onkonomiyaki label which puts out lathe cuts and other small runs of vinyl with special packaging.