Quasimodo Jones
Love Commando - Remixes
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1Love Commando (Tomas Andersson’s Loft Remix)6:44
2Love Commando (Hakan Lidbo’s Sex Dictator Remix)6:53

Love commando - army of love – war of the nerves. In 2005 Hakan Lidbo produced the album „Robots & Rebels“ of bad taste hero Quasimodo Jones from Boston for shitkatapult with lots of punktechnoindustrial chansons from the country of disbelief. Remixed by Hakan Lidbo and Tomas Andersson the original love commando mutuates to a love roll commando.

Hakan Lidbo himself adds a creepy hookline to his original and makes the track into a catchy psychotic tune. Tomas Andersson – Bpitchcontrol techno scene superstar - on the other hand puts hand on his mates’ files like nobody else could do it: No more melodies! And even the lyrics he sings himself in german laguage and therewith completes the the track: shitty Schranz bitten directly out of the calf. Like a fucked up fashion fair the both mixes are gunning down any club and the shitkatapult concept of MUSICK (to play in the club) is being completed with this ep: this is the right answer to anybosy coming up to the dj saying: „ey, can’t you play a little faster!!!“ In this Volvo there is no room for any family, instead of the back seats there are speakers piling up – and for the massive spoilers there is not even room for some flashing neon elk stickers. Kick ass!!!