Cloud Over Maroma
180g vinyl, incl. insert
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2Cloud Over Maroma
3Lost Time
5Flute Dance
7Cast Reflections
8Star Chamber
9Endless Road
10Mezquita Part 2
11Birdsong For The Birds
12Want Of Anger

Now following the release of a Vazz / Hugh Small collection ’Submerged Vessels And Other Stories / Piano Music’ in 2017, Stroom and Forced Nostalgia have cooked up ‘Cloud Over Maroma’ to function both as a refresher and primer to Vazz’s music, shuffling up a track sequence that takes in fizzy ohrwurms from their early years 1982-1987 under the grey skies of industrial Glasgow, and thru to Hugh Small’s solo piano compositions written in the more mannered environs of Edinburgh, as well as by the mountains of Andalucia, Spain, where he moved in 2017 to get away from Brexit (and maybe sigh at leathery brit OAPs shooting themselves in both feet, blaming it on kids, and queuing outside the hospital).

Not sure we’ll ever get over those early Vazz tracks and they naturally make up the big highlights here, notably the keeling swoon of ‘Cast Reflection’ - one of our all time favourite tracks of the era - and the shadow shimmy of ‘Lost Time’, but also the lush strokes of ‘Breath’ from their debut 7”. Those tracks are all strewn across the record, shuffled with the elegant style of Hugh Small’s solo work dating from 2010 to 2018, ranging from the Cézanne-inspired motif of ‘Cloud Over Maroma’, so named after the mountain outside Hugh’s window, to the echoes of Andalusia’s Muslim past that creep into ‘Mezquita (Part 2)’ and the lofty air of ‘Ritual’, his wistful love note to Edinburgh.