The Decriminalisation of Country Music
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1Something Spocked The Horses 8:53
2Electron Gate 9:00
3Stainless 1:25
4Pyroclastic Flow 11:45
5Dust And Scratches 1:03
6Duct Tape 0:28
7Purline 2:18
8Spiiltek 6:08
9Light Abrasion 5:17

VOD's third batch of Zoviet France reissues focusses on recordings and albums between 1996–2013, presenting many of them on vinyl for the first time. In this era, the pioneering band expanded their production techniques, exploring new sound worlds, without giving up the mysterious momentum of their music.

»The Decriminalisation of Country Music« (2000): This is ZV at their most accessible, and a make-over of their trademark sound. For the first time on vinyl with unreleased bonus material.