Delta Rain Dance (Glenn Astro)
Trancemission / Transmission
Delta Rain Dance
Includes Instant Download
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1Trancemission One 1:42
2Trancemission Two 3:44
3Trancemission Four 2:19
4Trancemission Five 3:33
5Trancemission Ten 1:21
6Trancemission Eleven 2:30
7Transmission One 4:07
8Transmission Three 2:33
9Transmission Five 2:54
10Transmission Ten 3:09
10Transmission Six 4:46

Hybrid puzzles of melodic cuts, DJ tools and drum tracks.

'Trancemission/Transmission' is an open invitation to get creative with the provided material. Use it as a DJ tool, sampling material, or build own tracks by combining the individual elements.

Don't be confused by the track names not being in order or missing numbers. There is another release available digitally and on cassette with the missing outtakes and leftovers.