Wechsel Garland
Not Easy EP
Kalk Pets
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kalk pets 05
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1Mutes (DJ Koze¹s Broken-CD-Mix)6:15
2Swim (Kosi¹s Swim Edit)4:25
3Be, Baby (Lawrence Mix)6:14
4Be, Baby (Lawrence Bonus Beats)4:56

not easy ep is the title of the new kalk pets 12". with friendly assistance from hamburg city it features four remixes of selected tracks from wechsel garland's new album "easy" (released on karaoke kalk in february 2006). in their unmistakeable manner dj koze as well as lawrence dedicate themselves to the sounds and songwriting ideas of wechsel garland a.k.a. jörg follert. the result is a marvellous ep and a congenial blend of minimal and tender bonds.