Ricardo Donoso
Denovali Records
den318lp / Includes Download Code
180 gr vinyl, heavy matte die-cut cover, incl. printed inner sleeves
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1Neutral-Beam Injection 4:57
2Prevention and Control 6:31
3Forced Perspective 4:48
4Running Counter To 4:48
5A Hostage of the Past 3:50
6Vacuum Chamber 6:34
7Alien in Fetu 5:24

"Re-Calibrate", the companion piece to Donoso's 2018 acclaimed album "Calibrate" continues to obfuscate any clear definition of genre or style and continues to push his music into stranger, more complex and extreme territories. Equal parts tender and twisted, cynical and honest, beautiful and obnoxious, ‘Re_Calibrate’ shines through as a major point in the composer’s discography – and provides a glimpse into the new directions being taken. ‘Re_Calibrate’ is a challenging listen; void of any trendy tropes or appeal for consumers of watered down, homogenized and dogmatic electronic music.

“Quicksilver frequencies, gravelly formants and shimmering, mirage-like washes of tone. Sometimes his sounds feel like signals picked up by a radio telescope, or pure electricity poured through a sieve” Pitchfork