Filippo Trecca
Col Fiato In Gola
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1Col Fiato In Gola
2Col Fiato In Gola (Kush edit)
3Col Fiato In Gola (LUCA Quirky version)

The legendary Hip Hop / Dusty Fingers heavy tune "COL FIATO IN GOLA" by maestro Filippo Trecca, originally released in 1978 for the Giallo TV mini series "Diario Di Giudice" and directed by Dante Troisi. Sampled by tons of artists, this track represents a true holy grail for Italian TV-soundtracks music lovers and DJs with a totally mental downtempo Hip Hop beat played in a heavy Funk key with just everything you could dream about: sleazy and punishing drum patterns / huge and ceaseless string cuts / heavy Giallo orchestration / meandering flutes / groovy and totally killer mood.