Olli Aarni
Yö näkyy
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1Kimaltava lätäkkö 20:08
2Ilma koskettaa ilmaa 20:58

'Yö näkyy' comprises of 2 longform pieces where a minimalistic approach takes a central place. Short snippets and longer waves gradually go back and forth and slowly build up spaces where the listener can settle in easily. The touching softness of his work does the trick again and depicts the unique voice of the artist.

Olli Aarni is a sound artist living in Helsinki. He graduated in the Masters of arts in 2016 while he was already releasing his first work through labels as Sunshine LTD, Cotton Goods, Preservation among others. Throughout the years, Aarni has performed his music worldwide and held residencies at acclaimed places like Q-O2 (Brussels), EMS (Stockholm) and WORM (Rotterdam). Besides music he also makes video’s and writes poetry.