Various Artists
And Felt Like ...
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1XIII – L'Abete Al Contrario
2Ike Zwanikken – Bianca
3Treasury of Puppies – Himlen Den Vackraste
4Avsluta – Mono No Aware
5Troth – Calm Of The Shadow
6Philipp Otterbach – When the fish travels...
7Michel Banabila – E.T.
8Ayaz – Yuma
9Bashar Suleiman – T7KINI (feat. Olan Monk & Lil Asaf)

Compilation of all new productions from a wealth of international talent, put together by Knekelhuis.

"This is a story of friendship, about how it grows stronger through the years. But it’s just as much about fledgling togetherness and shared art in times of crisis. The result is an introspective document of contemporary music, in spirit of Eno and Hassell. A space where we embrace our differences and speak the language of collectivity together, where we reflect, adapt and value each artist's contribution equally. To witness a multitude of cultural backgrounds that speak one like-minded language. Soothing and illuminating. And felt like..."

Mastered by Amir Shoat and artwork by Keziah Phillips and Steele Bonus.