Forgotten Works
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1Untitled (Forgotten Works 1)3:10
2Untitled (Forgotten Works 2)4:10
3Untitled (Forgotten Works 3)5:00
4Untitled (Forgotten Works 4)2:18
5Untitled (Forgotten Works 5)2:23
6Untitled (Forgotten Works 6)5:26
7Untitled (Forgotten Works 7)2:45
8Untitled (Forgotten Works 8)3:30
9Untitled (Forgotten Works 9)3:30
10Untitled (Forgotten Works 10)4:22
11Untitled (Forgotten Works 11)4:29
12Untitled (Forgotten Works 12)2:30
13Untitled (Forgotten Works 13)4:40
14Untitled (Forgotten Works 14)4:26
15Untitled (Forgotten Works 15)2:00
16Untitled (Forgotten Works 16)3:35

A year after the release of Selected Organ Works, Danish artists Paw Grabowski returns to Vaknar in the form of Forgotten Works.

Forgotten Works was compiled after the label was endowed with a vast selection of disregarded material from øjeRums archives, given with the consent of the artist upon the labels request.

Vaknar then went on to carefully selecting a variety of compositions from the archive, thoughtfully aligning them to be showcased on four sides of tape while all being presented in an untitled format, seeing as none of these pieces were ever bestowed with an actual name.

Forgotten Works thus reveals itself as the first release to give insight into øjeRumʼs extensive back catalog of previously unreleased and discarded compositions, ranging from his renown organ loops to guitar pieces, drone works and more, all recorded between 2009 and 2017.