Various Artists
Fuzz Dance Classics Over The World
Spittle Records
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1Alexander Robotnick – Problemes D'Amour (demo)
2Mya & The Mirror – Hesitation (USA version)
3Naif Orchestra – Check-Out Five (radio version)
4Mon Bijou – Just A Lover (Style version)
5Mon Bijou – Mon Bijou
6Gina & The Flexix – I Wanna Believe (USA version)
7Naif Orchestra – Ring Me Up
8Naif Orchestra – Broad-Line

Pioneers, that’s what we call them. Not properly a giant team, but a bunch of forward thinking producers. In the heyday of the italo disco there was some forward thinking, a new way to address the club scene. 1985 is the golden year and if you want to get to the core of the synth-pop experience look no further ! This previously unreleased compilation collects a series of unbelievable tracks. An outstanding vision featuring la crème de la crème of the early 80s scene. All the way from electro wizard Alexander Robotnick to the astonishing performance of vocalist Mya Fracassini, through the French connection of Bigazzi brothers of Mon Bijou.