Marta Forsberg
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2Weave and Dream 21:00

Tkać means ’to weave’ in Polish. On this album, Swedish–Polish composer and musician Marta Forsberg delivers two compositions that capture her unique ability to transmit visions of light into glimmering sonic landscapes. To weave: crossing threads of dreams and light under and over each other.

LED AND LOVE SOUNDS is a live recording of a piece based on frozen and processed violin sounds. Weave and Dream was composed on an OP-1 synthesizer, and Forsberg’s use of LED light strips played a crucial role in the composition process.

This is tactile drone music, enriched by Nikos Veliotis' mixing work (MMMΔ) and the mastering by Mell Dettmer (collaborator of Eyvind Kang, SunnO))), Earth, Tim Hecker).

"The composer and sound artist now lives in Berlin, but is closely associated with the so-called Stockholm Drone Society around artists such as Kali Malone, Mats Erlandsson and Ellen Arkbro.

Having recently presented a composition for an installation with LED lights with her album New Love Music, now combines older material from very similar contexts: »LED AND LOVE SOUNDS« was performed in an art gallery and consists of processed violin sounds that Forsberg layers into haunting drones in front of the clearly audible soundscape of the room. »Weave and Dream« has been written for synthesiser and was part of an installation style that combined LED lights and fabrics with music.

More insistent in style and more intense in sound, the effect of »Weave and Dream« is similar to that of the first piece: Forsberg’s music enters into a dialogue with space and time that unfolds its full power even without the originally associated visual and physical experiences – very slowly and carefully, of course." (field notes)