Myriam Gendron
Not So Deep As A Well
Basin Rock
4-panel cardboard sleeve
BR017LP / Includes Download Code
180g vinyl, printer inner sleeve
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1Threnody 4:07
2Solace 4:13
3The False Friends 2:12
4Ballade of a Great Weariness 5:05
5Bric-à-brac 2:57
6Recurrence 3:19
7The Red Dress 3:26
8The Last Question 2:16
9Not So Deep as a Well 5:08
10Song of Perfect Propriety 3:27
11The Small Hours 3:16

Equal parts soft and sorrowful, Myriam Gendron’s stunning Not So Deep As A Well LP became something of a sleeper hit upon its initial release back in 2014. Her debut album shone a warm lamp-light glow upon a curious and captivating new voice in the Quebecois folk world.

Nearly ten years on from its release in her native Canada and America, Not So Deep As A Well gets a European release for the first time, with a new pressing on the Basin Rock label (Julie Byrne, Aoife Nessa Frances, Trevor Beales, Juni Habel) which features two tracks not included on the original release - ‘Bric-à-brac’ and ‘The Small Hours’ - both written and recorded in the early days of 2014.

Recorded alone in her apartment, with no knowledge of sound engineering, it could almost be a lost artefact, a dust-lined document of a forgotten time and place. Taking the poems of Dorothy Parker, whose work Gendron stumbled upon by chance in a Montreal bookstore, she imbues the words with a graceful, gentle expression, a lingering sense of sorrow always present.

A stark, spellbinding collection, Not So Deep As A Well is raw and unyielding in so many ways we no longer expect to hear. As if sitting in the room with her, Gendron’s voice is cracked and unadorned, quietly forced into a push and pull between the quietude of the songs and the noisy world outside.

"It felt like both a trove of unearthed ancient folk and a fresh, immediate expression of a new voice." Pitchfork