Pauline Anna Strom
Plot Zero
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1Mushroom Trip 8:14
2Plot Zero 9:34
3Symphonic Industry 6:40
4Organised Confusion 6:09
5Plot Zero 4:42

»Plot Zero« is the second album by the late West Coast composer, healer, and medium Pauline Anna Strom. First released in 1983, Strom envisioned the album as a »mind trip without chemicals,« utilizing boundless imagination to cover a canvas with brilliant synthesized shapes and tones. The pieces on »Plot Zero« flow freely and infinitely, evoking a transportative momentum with Strom’s distinctive synthesizers soaring across infinite horizons into vast, colorful nebulas. Restored and mixed from the original reels by Marta Salogni, and newly remastered, this is the album’s first ever official reissue, and the definitive edition of a visionary statement.

Originally released on Trans-Millenia Consort Recordings in 1983. Licensed under permission from the estate of Pauline Anna Strom.