Braun Jaschkewitz
Neid Dabei Zu Sein 1
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V I Sc14
Risograph j-card
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1Neid Dabei Zu Sein #1 A (Tape Rec)29:41
2Neid Dabei Zu Sein #1 B (Tape Rec)29:16

Braun Jaschkewitz is the pseudonym of Matt Moroder, one of Hamburg's secret key figures when it comes to rare vinyl, private pressings, flea market and charity shop hunting. Besides collecting vinyl he is also a connoisseur and collector of rare VHS.

All the music played in the mix comes from his vinyl collection, mainly 7", recorded in single takes without editing on the computer. Needless to say: all vinyl.

Pt 1 is a reissue of his mix for Hamburg cult label TCCC from 2017.

Art Direction: Tim Stoll Mastering: Kris @ Tonal Bias Printed with riso @Nachladen Hamburg