Carla dal Forno
Top Of The Pops
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1Lay Me Down
2Blue Morning
3A Silver Key Can Open A Lock Somewhere
4Give Me Back My Man
5Summertime Sadness
6No Romance

A self-released cassette disclosing six songs of sultry pop devotion. This late-Spring cassette of cover songs gets the wider autumnal release it deserves, showcasing the full range of dal Forno's virtuous taste, style and production in her distinct post-punk, pop (but) minimalist sensibility. Not without cheek, the wink-and-a-nod blue film bawdiness of Lay Me Down' (Renee) and Give Me Back My Man' (B52s) are complemented by the earnest ballads of A Silver Key Can Open A Lock Somewhere' (Liliput) and The Fates' No Romance.' Kiwi Animal's Blue Morning' finally gets a recorded release. This cosmic inner dialogue of love lost is matched only by the penultimate track, Summertime Sadness' which is the best example of how devastatingly personal a pop song truly can be. It's all emphasised by dal Forno's sparse production which, as with each of these six songs, brings her vocal interpretations to the fore.