Vanessa Worm
Vanessa 77
Optimo Music
OM LP 18
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1WORM, Vanessa – 144
2WORM, Vanessa – Cave Of Creation
3WORM, Vanessa – Heaven To Hell
4WORM, Vanessa – Bones & Blood
5WORM, Vanessa – 123
6WORM, Vanessa – In Heaven We Are
7WORM, Vanessa – Cold Hard Blues
8WORM, Vanessa – 0000
9WORM, Vanessa – Tiny Revolutions
10WORM, Vanessa – Satisfaction

Vanessa Worm is exactly the kind of artist Optimo Music dreams of finding; her music fits in with no genre and no scene – it is its own genre and its own scene. Musically free and anarchic, Vanessa conforms to nobody’s dogma.

Vanessa says – “Vanessa 77, like most creative endeavours is a journey of self discovery. Mentally, emotionally and creatively. I spent most of my time alone in winter 2019 – focused solely on personal development & self realisation via the creation of this album. It was a way for me to put my mental state onto a plate – the joys, the fears, the epiphanies, and so on. I so desperately wanted to share what I was learning with the world too – I intended for Vanessa 77 to help others to heal, self-realise and alchemise. It was a 9 month process of death and a re-birth from the old into the new. Much like the world is experiencing now entering 2020, I hope this album can provide some form of healing, soothing, celebration and act as a sub-conscious guide for us as we enter into this New Earth. Thank you to all who listens, enjoy!”