Emil Amos
Zone Black
Drag City
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1Moving Target
2Theme from a Personal Prison
3Zone Black
4Bad Night at Cowboys
5Personal Prison II
6Red Palms
7Jealous Gods
8Interloper #1
9Zone Bleu
10Static Mist
11Static Mist II
12Realistic #1
13Blue Palms

Emil Amos (Grails, OM and podcaster plus) decommissions pieces originally bound for the KPM library. A personal interpolation of ‘music for films (& television)’ expounds upon diverse sounds: synthy 80s soundtracks, contemporary hip-hop beatmaking, ambient music, and The Hulk’s »Lonely Man Theme«.. Emil’s dark visions are full of noirish shadows and eerie neon glow – mood music for drug trips spent dreaming up new soundtracks to take drugs to!