Sam Prekop
Old Punch Card
Thrill Jockey
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LP (clear)
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2018 repress
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1Old Punch Card 4:04
2Array Wicket 5:13
3Knitting Needles 1:54
4Brambles 3:49
5Tell Work 4:04
6November September 6:21
7A Places 6:17
8Lazy House 4:00
9The Silhouettes 5:15

Old Punch Card is available for the first time since 2012. Taking inspiration from early music concrete and electronic music, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Nuno Canavarro, Raymond Scott, David Behrman, and free improvisation, Old Punch Card is a beautifully noisy, jagged yet stately album of synthesizer music.

At the time, Prekop described his record as thus, “I’d have to say this record is pretty much unlike anything else I’ve done. There’s some relation to music I made for my book Photographs but really only in instrumentation. The intro to The Sea and Cake’s David Bowie cover of “Sound and Vision”, on One Bedroom is an early precedent. The most significant difference, is that I’ve left the confines of ‘song’ structure.”

Most of the sound material is generated by a modular synthesizer. The album was recorded entirely in Prekop’s home studio and monitored on headphones, allowing him to focus on the texture and dynamic of the music. Every nuance was hyper exposed and therefore had to be considered. The end result is a record of strangely serene beauty, leading the listener down a myriad of otherworldly paths, all the while serving as a unique path for the musician himself.

“Prekop’s .. Musical instincts bring .. mechanical patterns, repetitions and sundry sounds to a wonderfully expansive life... expanding the electronic music vocabulary in a supremely musical and highly accessible way.”- LA Times