Tied & Tickled Trio
Ea1 Ea2
Morr Music
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morr 061-cd
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1Octant (Intro)1:59
2Unwohlpol 3:15
3D.b. Track 3:31
4Utrom 5:48
5Yolanda 2:37
6Van Brunt 4:19
7Sevastopol 3:04
84 Pole 6:18
9Numerate 1:40
10Octant (Outro)2:37
11Curry Park 4:43
12Monolith 4:25
13Ariel M – Wedding Song (T+TT Remix)4:18

An intimate overture. Woodwind instruments in a whispering dialog. With “octant” this second album of the Tied & Tickled Trio begins far away from the Storm and Stress of their self-titled debut. It begins in a mood that is typical for “EA1 EA2”, which was originally released on the small Weilheim-based label Payola in autumn 1999. Also the second track “unwohlpol” - built around an electronic pattern - spreads a calm, nearly melancholic atmosphere. Or “yolanda” with its charming piano tune, a remembrance of Eric Satie or a long autumn walk. “EA1 EA2“ is a cool, sometimes even a calculated album. It is about reducing and pausing; less free-jazz than the debut. Like in “d.b. track” where the nervous shimmering of electronic noises flows into the warmth of a swelling trombone. “cool jazz” - that's what the press was reminded of. In some directions “EA1 EA2” is the consequent follow-up to The Tied & Tickled Trio's self-titled first album. It isn't a minor intensive record, but it is intensive in a more introvert manner. The different influences of The Tied & Tickled Trio are clearly separated: Sensitive Jazz without fear of pleasant soundings, noisy but carefully measured electronics and the polyrhythmic drumming of Markus Acher and Casper Brandner, who had both started the Tied & Tickled Trio as a drums-only duo in 1994. But there was also something new about the debut: “EA1 EA2“ deals with the recording studio's possibilities in a curious and open-minded way. It phrases the difference between the live and the studio situation, which from then on became a challenge for The Tied & Tickled Trio. Seven years later the band has just released film material of one of their recent concerts on their DVD “observing systems” on Morr Music as a result of this process: Their concerts are not just a reproduction of their studio recordings and vice versa.