Various Artists
Continuing A Worn Out Tradition III
Archaic Vaults
Includes Instant Download
LP (clear yellow)
Edition of 300 copies
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1Yeong Die – Part of the Poetic Talent 5:20
2Ciaran Jacob & Flora Yin-Wong – Dome C 4:34
3YL Hooi – catch 3:05
4Chantal Michelle – Borghese Gardens September 5:59
5L'vovna – 07182018-02.03.05 2:31
6Burning Pyre – Rare Endless Stirring Sun 4:43
7Severin Black & Zeynep Ağcabay – Tethered Snakes 5:31
8Geklaper – Memory Loss 5:03
9Suburban Cracked Collective – Not Ready for Whistles 4:13
10Saint Abdullah – Visit to the Optometrist 2:03

Archaic Vaults – a label operating between London and Berlin, run by Severin Black – present its first vinyl release: a compilation of ›durational ambience, field recordings, oversaturated improvisations and spatialised synthetic loops‹, featuring Suburban Crooked Collective, Burning Pyre, Ciaran Jacob & Flora Yin-Wong, Chantal Michelle, YL Hooi and more: A diverse cohort of familiar and new collaborators alike.