Eyeless in Gaza
Photographs As Memories
Spittle Records
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1Seven Years 2:22
2Fixation 3:21
3Looking Daggers 1:53
4From A To B 2:20
5Clear Cut Apparently 1:27
6Speech Rapid Fire 2:56
7John Of Patmos 4:19
8Knives Replace Air 6:44
9Faceless 2:15
10In Your Paintings 3:43
11A Keepsake 2:21
12Whitewash 3:24
13No Noise 2:52

"Photographs as Memories" was the British cult band Eyeless in Gaza’s debut album. A truly kaleidoscopic picture dominated by Martyn Bates’s highly expressive vocals and Pete Becker’s peculiar analog synth lines in a jungle of electric guitars, plastic organs, soprano saxophones, percussion, violin, stylophone and tapes. An album which comes as a vivid snapshot from the very dawn of the 80’s.