Gi Gi
Good Morning Tapes
Edition of 300 copies
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1Dawn Song 4:12
2Got Away Dub 3:51
3Two Ones 4:38
4Asp 3:26
5Lisle 3:10
6Ambergris (Blue) 4:03
7Sunchoke 5:14
8Fainting Pill 4:00

A collection of eight vignettes constructed via a patchwork sampling process.

Easy on the ear and with overflowing levels of serotonin, Gi Gi is a snug fit for the label; sanguine but just the right side of soporific, with a vibe that dials up echoes of classic downtempo Balearic crossed with turn-of-the-century trip hop somewhere between Olive’s ‘You’re not Alone’, William Orbit’s once ubiquitous ‘Strange Cargo III’ album and early Terre Thaemlitz - with a sound sensitive soulfulness and warmth.

Jazz drums, guitar and midi-flute conjure bright blue skies and cirrus streaks in ‘Dawn Song’, while ‘two ones’ doubles the tempo on a swaying jungle flex that also perfuses the hazier hues of ‘Ambergris (Blue)’ and dances around the links between deep house, ambient and D&B like Terre Thaemlitz’s classic ‘Tranquilliser’ (1994) in the lilting congas of ‘Asp’, caressing strums of ‘Lisle’, and the piano-led ambient blues of ‘Sunchoke’ ... The last gasp of summer, right here.