Mark Fell
Sentielle Objectif Actualité
Editions Mego
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1SOA-1 7:43
2SOA-2 8:43
3SOA-3 6:37
4SOA-4 7:19
5SOA-5 8:27
6SOA-6 10:14
7SOA-7 5:15

This recording contains 7 remixes by Mark Fell of the first three 12” singles released on the record label Sensate Focus in 2012. These were called ‘10’, ‘5’ and ‘3.3...’. The first of these, ‘10’, was itself a reworking of materials from an earlier project by Fell and Terre Thaemlitz, released on Comatonse Recordings in 2012. The 7 remixes were written and recorded in June 2012 at the Upper Lounge, Chatham Street (UK) using a MacBook Pro running Digital Performer, FM8 (featuring manipulated DX100 and TX81Z presets), Battery and Razor; monitored and mixed with Sennheiser HD 25 headphones. Here hand claps are constructed from the Roland TR707 clap, two copies of which are detuned and panned hard left and right, with an additional Yamaha RX11 Clap 2 panned centrally; kick drums have been constructed with the Roland TR707 Kick 1 pitched up with bass content attenuated, overdubbed with samples from vinyl derived, it is assumed, from the Roland TR909. Two hi hats are used: the Yamaha RX11 Closed Hat 1, and a sample from Bassmental's ‘2 Daye Revisit (Kerri Chandler remix)’, released on Nite Grooves, 1994. Recommended contextual materials include: ‘Can You Feel It (Dubby Dub Marc Kinchen remix)’ by Chez Damier, released on KMS, 1992; ‘Hard To Get’ by Choo Ables, released on E-SA records, 1993.