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1Carsten 'Erobique' Meyer – Tatortreiniger Theme (Plaid Remix)
2quadratschulz – Gestalt (Lowfish Remix)
3Cosmic Cars – Types (Thee Church Ov Acid House Remix)
4Rosaceae – Zozan Cudî (John T. Gast Remix)

Carsten 'Erobique' Meyer in the Plaid remix The Black Dog remix of Lalo Schifrin's "Bullitt": That was the wishful thinking directed at Plaid and what comes from England without customs? A Groovy Shizzel ;)

quadratschulz in the Lowfish remix Everything from Suction/Canada is THE nerd shit! Richard D. James likes to borrow something analog from them, e.g. a Yamaha cs5, see SAW2 album cover.

Cosmic Cars in Thee Church Ov Acid House remix. Since the cosmic highway was tarred by 47IN4 & RVDS, a freeway church had to be built. A mysterious sect from Frankfurt took pity and acidjunglete the exit.

Rosaceae in the John T. Gast remix Visit Europe, this is possible there.