An Elm
Tangerine Elm
Otomatik Muziek
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1A1 10:04
2A2 2:31
3A3 1:10
4B 13:45

AN ELM is one of the many monikers of Florian von Ameln. "Tangerine Elm“ continues his journey through the world of cinematic soundscapes. Inspired by the ethereal music of Tangerine Dream, this album takes listeners on a mesmerizing sonic adventure. Building upon his initial exploration of John Carpenter's iconic soundtracks in his debut album („A Nightmare, An Elm Street“) and the brilliant follow-up „Fly Pan Elm“ (released 2019 in Günter Schlienz’s Cosmic Winnetou), “Tangerine Elm” is the final part of a triptych. So stay tuned for a transcendent musical odyssey like no other.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary german kraut outfit around mastermind Edgar Froese, “Tangerine Elm” album navigates the delicate balance between fandom, deliberate manipulation of clichés, and the meticulous extraction of Tangerine Dream's essential elements, immersing listeners in a dreamlike auditory experience. With a masterful touch, AN ELM crafts intricate melodies and ambient textures that transport listeners to uncharted sonic realms.

Von Ameln‘s music transcends mere homage, delving deep into the essence of Tangerine Dream's sonic universe, creating an auditory journey that is both nostalgic and innovative. Prepare to embark on an ethereal musical odyssey, where AN ELM's sonic landscapes blur the lines between the familiar and the uncharted, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities of sound and imagination.

Von Ameln also forms one half of the dynamic A/V duo Function Level Marker. Together with his collaborator, the visual artist SUBRIHANNA, they have been pushing boundaries of audio-visual artistry, crafting immersive performances that blur the lines between sound and visuals.