Various Artists
Radar Vol. 2
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1Dream House – KingLman 5:38
2Aguataca – Tupperwear 3:41
3Arde Loro Parque – Usted 4:06
4La Gorvorana – Lagoss 3:37
5Violet Flame – Postman 3:14
6Las Galanas – Lagoss 2:11
7Voltage – KingLman 3:26
8End Of The Dark – Postman 2:56
9Montaña Blanca – Tupperwear 5:13
10Salió De La Nevera – Usted 3:42

Yearly compilation album RADAR by KEROXEN, introducing the second volume in the series of themed based albums showcasing the talents and misfortunes of carefully selected musicians/bands based in the Canary Islands. Where Radar Vol. 1 (2020) focussed its sights on rock oriented music, Vol. 2 looks at the more experimental, free flowing side of electronic and sample based music, also Made in Tenerife this last year (2021).

The format stays the same as Vol.1: 4 different artists are invited to contribute 2 tracks, no rules other than do their own thing. The result being an extraordinary amalgamation of various genres and styles of the electronic music cannon including: smoky dub beats by King L. Man, tropical casiotone divagations by Usted, inverted & polyrhythmic workouts from the Tupperwear duo, ultra precise dub-tech-2step edits by Postman and organic psychedelics by freak trio Lagoss.

Yet another crucial document from a region you usually do not associate with forward thinking music, more than a simple compilation, Radar Vol. 2 unveils the thin veil of new and uncompromising music being produced in and around the orbit of the Keroxen Collective. It seems the Atlantic isolation works as a catalyser here, judging from the copious amount of different and challenging music we’ve been seeing from this corner of the world over the last few years. We invite you to dive with us, in the wild remote tropical waters of Radar Vol. 2.