Jib Kidder
New Works For Realistic Mixer
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101 VT200508
206 DopR2RNAi;+
309 w1118 (isoCJ1)
403 G419 2-35
508 fmm;+
605 OK371
707 KC-abp
804 Sechellia
902 PPL-ab
1010 KC-gain

Following last year's Teaspoon To The Ocean, Jib Kidder delivers an uncanny dance LP featuring no-input mixer sequenced together with drum machine. It steers the chaotic atmosphere of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music towards an emotive tide of information that, whether too much or too little, makes it hard to grasp but easy to eat up. If electronic music has been made familiar (through musique concrete or Lee Gamble) with the conversion of noise into dance, New Works For Realistic Mixer circumscribes this progression within a less stable relationship: what we might call, after Stella, the marriage of reason and squalor.