Christina Vantzou
No. 3
Gatefold sleeve. PLEASE NOTE: Cover with dented/bended corners
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1Valley Drone 5:31
2Laurie Spiegel 5:20
3Pillar 3 7:48
4Robert Earl 5:27
5The Library 2:08
6Entanglements 5:25
7CV 6:07
8Cynthia 6:10
9Stereoscope (featuring Loscil)6:54
10Pillar 5 3:18
11Moon Drone 5:05
12Shadow Sun 5:21
13Pillar 1 2:46
14The Future 3:32


Album No3 from Christina Vantzou is the result of a two-year process of composing, arranging, re- arranging, experimenting, and melding classical instruments with synths and electronics. Recorded in Belgium with a 15-piece ensemble of strings, horns, woodwinds and micro-choir, the tracks vacillate between orchestral, ambient soundscapes and more structured works that the composer refers to as "pillars." The internal core of the record, however, is unwavering. All tracks head in the direction of otherworldly drones surrounded by soft, subtle and sometimes intense veils or points.

The structured tracks mark a new direction for Vantzou. Whereas 100% of the music on No1 and No2 was composed without time structure or steady click, the pillars on No3 adhere to a solid mathematical scheme. Perhaps Vantzou's day job as a math teacher is starting to have an influence.

No3's virtual instruments and voice samples hearken back to Vantzou's time with The Dead Texan, specifically tracks like "Aegina AIrlines" and "When I see scissors I cannot help but think of you". The synths on No3 were given special attention and were recorded over a 2 week period using a DX7, Yamaha CS20, Roland Juno-6, and a selection of eurorack modular synths, making No3 very much a hybrid record, both symphonic and synth-based.

To complete the album, Vantzou made 2 slow motion videos using a phantom high-speed camera and a 16mm short film.