Anton Friisgaard
Minor Blossoms
Edition of 90 copies
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1Anton Friisgaard feat. Anders Filtenborg – Gray skies two dogs play 5:58
2Gold jewelry memory 4:32
3You never wanna do anything fun 5:22
4Have my back when I forget 3:34
5A familiar form 3:08
6Useless beauty 4:24
7I guess I was afraid 2:17
8Tell me how it is 2:52
9Even the sea is broken 4:18

»Minor Blossoms« is a collection of ambient vignettes, crafted to evoke and nurture inner emergence. Through analog processing and re-amping, Anton Friisgaard conjures nine sonorous petals, guiding listeners into a state of contemplative emergence.

The music is made using reel to reel tape machines, acoustic piano, digital audio editing and granular sampling. Gradually created in process of continuous resampling, processing and recomposing acoustic recordings into. Acoustic sound was fed into analogue and digital processing chains, and from there, alternated shapes and emerged. These shapes, forms and timbres have then been composed into the music of »Minor Blossoms.«

»I've always gravitated towards an inner state where thoughts and emotions blossom on their own – a realm of connections and experiences, hidden beneath the psychological surface of daily life. This state provides a profound connection with what is stored in the spiritual realm. I want this album to be the soundtrack for that inner journey.« -Anton Friisgaard