F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm
Music For Lovers Music Versus Time / Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity
Sonic Pieces
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2nd Edition! Full Tone Gatefold Cover Artwork, incl. printed Inner Sleeves
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1Kugler 7:23
2Rone Re 3:51
3Writing Letters To Myself 3:49
4Heber 4:37
5Lenz 4:29
6Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds 3:08
7Licht-Teil 2:46
8Onward Onward 4:11
9Wanda Marimba 2:59
10Gr 1 B 2:48
11Perff 2:07
12Pending 1 2:47
13Pending 2 3:15
14As If 1:51
15Movements & Meetings 2:35
16Exercising Levitation 1:46
17B 2:15
18Old Friends Inst. 3:09
19Silently Sharing 2:03
20Sip Song 2:59
21I Karussell 3:34
22Brehm 5:46
23Juri 1:17
24Ten 6:09

A duo can be the most magical of things, and it seems like the meeting of minds between Morr Music veteran F.S.Blumm and contemporary classical darling Nils Frahm was a match made in heaven. The ease in which they perform together is the first noticeable thing on ‘Music for wobbling Music versus gravity’ – there is a discernable weightlessness to their sound as they circle around each other, moving and meeting, touching with their musical fingertips. This is lighthearted music, certainly, but Frahm’s effortless melancholy pulls it back to the real world before there is any danger of things getting twee.

The album is a selection of overdubbed and edited improvisations, and every sound was recorded with microphones giving an indescribable air to the music that is a product of the space in the room. Breaths, fingers on keys and strings, chairs and feet – everything can be heard plainly and this becomes a defining part of the compositions themselves. It almost becomes an experience akin to listening to an aging folk recording, but instead of a group of locals, this is merely two friends creating their own homespun instrumentals. The perfect record for the winter months, ‘Music for wobbling Music versus gravity’ is a generous gift from two of Germany’s most hard working talents, and it is guaranteed to warm even the coldest of hearts.

This LP-Reissue is presented in a reversed cardboard gatefold jacket, printed in- and outside with full tone colours, and includes printed inner sleeves with the original artwork.