Hannibal Chew III
El Borneo De Dios (Sinfonías Resgatadas en la Isla de Borneo)
Sucata Tapes
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1 El Bromeo Part 1 24:15
2 El Bromeo Part 2 11:39
3 El Bromeo Part 3 12:36

"In conditions of digital recall, loss is itself lost" Mark Fisher in Ghost Of My Life

Odd and fluid tape manipulations by Gonçalo F. Cardoso’s most bizarre moniker, Hannibal Chew III. Grabbing the deteriorated recordings left over from his 2017 trip to the island and letting his imagination and machines run free, the journey here is hectic: mud, rain, radio jingles, crickets, confusing conversations and random mall music resulting in an eternal looping impression from whatever was ingrained. A dream logic that doesn’t want to make sense.

''Hannibal Chew III is the moniker of the Portuguese musician and Discrepant boss Gonçalo F Cardoso, and these pieces epitomise what his label is about. "El Bromeo Pt 1" merges spiky nature sounds with snippets of abstruse dialogue, washed in a kind of droning electronic tropicalia. The highlight is "El Bromeo Pt 2" which becomes steadily more harsh until its FM fuzz splutters into startling broken birdsong, as though Cardoso had captured the sound of an electronic storm over a bird sanctuary.'' - Spenser Thomson in The Wire