Andy Rantzen, Jochen Gutsch, Lawrence English
On the Completion of My Master Work
Hasana Editions
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CS (ltd.)
Numbered edition of 100 hand-stamped pro-dubbed C30 NAC super-ferric tape with recto/verso printed silver card
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1On the Completion of My Master Work 18:54
2On the Revision of Your Master Work (B) 14:43

For this volume, Sydney duo Andy Rantzen and Jochen Gutsch team up with Brisbane-based Lawrence English to create a new trio work, themed around the ideas, life, and personality of a German philosopher, poet and thinker, Arthur Schopenhauer. Based on Rantzen’s spoken words and English’s haunting sine waves, Gutsch structured the piece by adding piano, trumpets, wailing guitar, and thumping percussion, arranged as the original composition “On the Completion of My Master Work”. On the flip side of the tape, comes the reimagined version of the title piece. Both pieces appear as reflections to each other, maybe challenging each other, making conversations and questioning each existence.