Nested Russian Dolls of Paranoia
Sucata Tapes
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1Utopia Heights 17:08
2A Defunct Cult or An Ambient Government 15:31

Third and probably last volume from Gonçalo F. Cardoso’s most disillusioned moniker, Prophetas.

Where the first tape, Reveal, Accept, Remember, Forget, revived mid 50’s ideas of weird hope (UFO sightings, suburbia, space race) and the second, Maury Island Reverie, explored early 90’s disillusionment through a sound world of mall culture, late night cable TV and rampant consumerism, this new work concludes de unplanned trilogy with a more randomised yet no hope approach to the sentiments and concepts explored previously.

Produced over what we call now the pandemic years, and pressed just before the outbreak of yet another war, the feeling here is schizophrenic to say the least : full channel surfing, all tabs open, zero attention span and out of control consumerism has settled into the music (and our lives), the new normal, no time to think, no time for much really, keep going, feel sorry, carry on and die.

The Fake prophets have now established their claws firmly in every corner of our societies, ripping all of our planet benefits whilst leaving nothing in return, the world is now a gigantic cash dispenser, a credit card landfill, everything is up for grabs as long as it can turn a quick profit. Technology? Science? Art? Who needs it when we can just use it to exploit, to make a other quick buck whilst keeping tabs on the population. All this whilst appearing as humanity saviours? I’ve got a plan, it’s ok, let's all go to Mars.

Secret and not so secret wars have been raging since this work was completed. The old present has finally cancelled any possible future, thank god we have the past to look at and wonder… like this tape does, all hail the ubiquitous fake prophets of the 21st century, it’s us!

‘Bring to the storehouse a full tenth of what you earn…I will open the windows of heaven for you and pour out all the blessings you need’ – Malachi 3:10