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1Valediction Part 01 4:30
2Valediction Part 02 3:53
3Valediction Part 03 4:34
4Valediction Part 04 1:13
5Valediction Part 05 2:00
6Valediction Part 06 3:05
7Valediction Part 07 5:13
8Valediction Part 08 2:39
9Valediction Part 09 4:37
10Valediction Part 10 4:18

Synthesizers, Tape Recorders and Analog Machines come together into an enchanting atmospheric album reminiscent of Eno's, Jarre's or Vangelis' space-romantic compositions.

Resonance is the artistic alias of Javier Pérez Rodríguez, a Canary Islands based producer who began his musical activity in the late nineties, blending cinematic experimental music with dancefloor sounds. After releasing several club-focused releases in recent times, he now presents this new departure - a synth based album for a soundtrack to a non-existent film featuring dreamlike compositions, filled with long, immersive passages that effortlessly blend elements of electronic, ambient, and progressive rock music.

»Valediction« is an ambient ode, an emotional missive departing from a personal and intimate space and expands it to the universe - the cosmos expressed through a lens of ideas and concepts that contrast with its compositional complexity. Through this work, the author bids farewell to a stage of his life whilst presenting a new born optimistic and mature vision of parting, naturally transitioning to another phase without collision - a romantic and optimistic escape towards the reality of a recent sensitive time, which may not have been better, but perhaps it was.

»Valediction« is Resonance's spontaneous yet conscious escape to the most endearing realms of his own inner universe, subsequently projecting it outward, in a sharing statement to whoever is willing to listen.