Jai Paul
Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)
XL Recordings
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1One Of The Bredrins
2Str8 Outta Mumbai
3Zion Wolf Theme (Unfinished)
4Garden Of Paradise (instrumental - Unfinished)
5Genevieve (Unfinished)
6Raw Beat (Unfinished)
7Crush (Unfinished)
8Good Time (Unfinished)
9Jasmine (demo)
10100,000 (Unfinished)
11Vibin' (Unfinished)
12Baby Beat (Unfinished)
13Desert River (Unfinished)
14Chix (Unfinished)
15All Night (Unfinished)
16BTSTU (demo)

Iconic RnB / Club productions, that were stolen and then leaked via Bandcamp in 2013. Jai Paul decided to release the leaked tracks six years later. The initial vinyl pressing was available exclusively via the artist and the label shop in 2019, selling out in minutes. It is now finally available gain via XL Recordings.