Ital Tek
Planet Mu
LP (red)
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1Phantom Pain
3The Mirror
4One Eye Open
5Cold Motion
6Heart String
8Zero Point
9The Next Time You Die

The title of Ital Tek’s seventh album »Timeproof« reflects what Alan Myson has observed and learned whilst making the album. Firstly, how distorted the perception of time is in the creative headspace – being in the studio creates a timeless environment, one’s mind starts wandering and the perception of time is altered. Secondly, the bizarre effect of the last few years of lockdown have somehow infected the title, temporarily contracting our collective notion of time. And thirdly, Alan has learnt how spending time away from the studio can be as effective as being there, giving one space to process. Appreciating the power of being out in nature, putting other things into perspective, refreshing one’s ability to approach work with both patience and creativity.

Overall »Timeproof« feels more introspective than Alan’s last album »Outland«. Perhaps because of the time in which it was created or this new relationship to the creative process. The sounds and textures of the record hint at brutality and menace whilst also pulsing and evolving softly with a more refined interior life. It’s expansive and elegant, neatly balanced between light and dark, more mossy and dreamy than the extremes of »Outland«.

When making the album, Alan spent about a year or so working quickly and intuitively, churning out ideas, sketches and sound experiments without any attempt to finish or perfect anything. »I let it settle until I was ready to return to this body of raw material with fresh ears some months later, sometimes barely remembering what or how I’d done much of it.« Over the course of another year he dived into the details, rendering all of this rough material and sound into something with form. Alan also visited older material and ideas, trying out, reworking and sampling, building it into this new body. The finished album feels open, with a gentle intuition that feels as if it’s guiding you through.