Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner
Owl Splinters / Twin
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Gatefold sleeve with foil embossing
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11Deaf Center – Divided 4:23
2Deaf Center – Time Spent 2:10
3Deaf Center – New Beginning (Tidal Darkness) 6:18
4Deaf Center – The Day I Would Never Have 10:42
5Deaf Center – Animal Sacrifice 4:34
6Deaf Center – Fiction Dawn 2:32
7Deaf Center – Close Forever Watching 7:55
8Deaf Center – Hunted Twice 4:46
21Svarte Greiner – Twin Part 1 18:28
2Svarte Greiner – Twin Part 2 22:00

Deaf Center's second album Owl Splinters from 2011 gets a lavish re-packaging as a gatefold 2LP. It includes the Svarte Greiner re-interpretation album Twin as well as new cover-art with photos by cinematographer Joshua Zucker-Pluda.

Owl Splinters was originally released 6 years after DC's debut Pale Ravine. In contrast to their previous work, it was recorded in a studio setting (Nils Frahm's Durton studio, to be exact), and the lo-fidelity, haphazard techniques of their early recordings where all but gone. With the benefit of high-end engineering and analogue equipment, Erik K Skodvin and Otto A Totland's murky compositions were transformed from sketches into glorious widescreen spectacles. 8 years later the album sounds as moving, beautiful and obscure as it did back then.

Twin is a 40 minute interpretation of Owl Splinters by Erik K Skodvin under his Svarte Greiner alias. The record takes the long-form, ghostly sections of it's parent album and expands them into crushing drone epics. The two parts are cut into four sections, pieced together by used and unused material from the recording session. It first appeared in form of an accompaniement CD that came with the initial 100 LPs of Owl Splinters. This is the first time Twin appears on vinyl.