The Go Find
Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Morr Music
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morr 096-cd
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1Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight 5:37
2Love Will Break Us Up 2:59
3It's Automatic 3:03
4Neighbourhood 4:03
5One Hundred Percent 3:26
6Stay 3:05
7Lottery Man 2:37
8Cherry Pie 2:42
9Running Mates 3:37
10Just A Common Love 3:41
11Heart Of Gold 4:04

Imagine the sound of cereal hit by milk in the morning, only heard if you listen closely. A sound that is comforting and addictive. This kind of innocent image from a daily routine fits the music of The Go Find. It’s never offensive; it’s warm and soothing, but intriguing enough to grab your attention. Its beauty lies in small things. “Everybody knows it’s gonna happen, only not tonight” is a celebration of sincere love. A record full of youthful innocence where the only care in your life is whether or not to give that first kiss now or later. Unfortunately the growing pains, doubts and eventual escape are inevitable. When growing up things get complicated, so no wonder it feels good to look back in nostalgia to those carefree days of youth. Dieter Sermeus’ third record under his Go Find moniker is a more up-tempo album on which the band continues to refine and build upon their familiar sound: dreamy indie pop songs built around swirling synths, acoustic guitars and Dieter’s distinct voice. We hear a band of friends, a band of speechless understanding. Musically the band pays tribute to some of their obvious and not so obvious influences. It’s no surprise that they used to listen to Pavement in the 90ies (‘Cherrie Pie’!), but an ode to the smooth and sophisticated sound of Roxy Music (‘Heart Of Gold’) is a refreshing new turn. The album was recorded over a period of six months in Brussels and Antwerp, each song built on a base of acoustic guitars and drums. The production is loaded with warm and melodic instrumentation, which provides the perfect background for the lyrics. Also notable are the backing vocals of Mintzkov’s Lies Lorquet (‘Just A Common Love’) and a duet with new talent Karo (‘100%’). “Everybody knows it’s gonna happen, only not tonight” will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, making you want to go back to those first days of falling in love.