Liquid G.
Dark Entries
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2The Power Of
4Never Land
6Short Circuit
7Inside -- Outside

Liquid G. (Liquid Garbage) is the one-man project of EBM stalwart Peter van Bogaert from Melsele, Belgium. In 1987, he began to record music and self-release limited cassettes on his own label Liquid Produkts. Between 1987 and 1990, Peter composed over nine albums, in addition to a split release with Vomito Negro. Liquid G. made their first vinyl appearance on the ‘Expo 87’ 7” compilation, courtesy of Dirk Ivens' Body Records.

“Liquidation” is the first ever vinyl compilation of Liquid G.’s cassette recordings, taking you on a journey through the underground of the Belgian Electro Industrial scene. Each song was written, produced, recorded and performed by solely by Peter between 1987-1989. Liquid G. captures the DIY synth-punk ethos of Cabaret Voltaire, The Screamers, and Nervous Gender. Six of the eleven songs on the album are instrumentals, and full of disturbing drum machines, stratified synthesizers, and deep, distorted bass-lines. The core of Liquid G.’s home studio included the Korg Poly-800, Roland TR-505, Roland MT-32, and Boss flanger and delays.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket is a custom made black and white collage by Gwenaël Rattke, capturing the bleak attitude of the music. Each album includes a double-­sided insert featuring the original artwork of the cassettes and lyrics.