Gonçalo F. Cardoso
Impressões de Outra Ilha (Borneo)
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1Danum Valley & Canopy Walks 6:32
2Flutes + Cidadas Duet pt2 2:06
3Two Hornbill’s on a Dollar Bill 4:22
4Kuching Mall Temple Room 1:23
5Corpse Flower or The Putrid Rafflesia Song 6:41
6Radio Borneo Étude 1 4:31
7Sipadan Island Dream 2:33
8Crawling Sun Bears 1:51
9Kinabalu Free 3:03

A globetrotter in the most pure and respectful sense, away from the trappings of neo-colonialist ventures and predatory tourism, Discrepant head honcho Gonçalo F. Cardoso returns to his Island impression series to offers us another glimpse of his deep, abstract impressions of (an)other island.

After passionately collecting the sounds and lives inhabiting the main Island of Zanzibar, Unguja, released through Edições CN back in 2018, Cardoso now dwells into the Malaysian heartbeat of the Borneo forest through Island recordings made during a trip in 2016. Assembled in situ with meticulous craft from portable recorders, samplers and battery powered synths, these nice recollections conjure the spirits that lurk behind the inhabitable and the communal that are as much part of a personal memoir as an impressionistic portrait open to new meanings. Focused compositions that flow organically, bending the environment in & out of shape into a new dreamlike exotica with plenty of breathing room for every detail, silence and movement to surface.

A particular moment suspended in time, haunted perpetually by its bygone existence. Something no postcard or photograph could ever, ever come even close to.