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1I 16:16
2II 19:47
3III 13:18
4IIII 18:36

The four pieces on this CD were written during travels, moving between places or being on the move. The first rough sketches have been developed further in different situations until they reached the final shape that can be heard on the album. These formations came about after many mood swings and rethinkings. Sometimes, the way to the final results was long, depending o the mood in the very moment, while working on the music. The manifestations on the album are four long drone works combining dense layers and textures with haunted voices, field recordings and piano sketches. Truly beautiful and moody.

The end of 1981 was the beginning: punk and the cassette scene made everything possible. The noise collages from self-cut tape loops and cassette overdubs appeared under the name Der Pilz. The harsh remained Der Pilz, the calm became Tarkatak, with the first cassette »slow« (1999). The sources and methods remained the same (listening, collecting, cutting, rendering unrecognizable), the medium became digital, although it often still sounds like a cassette. And again and again it goes deep into the dark, tenacious unknown - only to lose itself somewhere filled and surrounded by the sound. In addition to two cassettes, an LP, various 7"s at Drone Rec. (some features with Klangwart and Deep), CD/Rs (among others together with Anemone Tube and Florian Filsinger) and a bit of digital, there were concerts or live collaborations with Troum, A Thousand Vows, Melt Banana, Christina Kubisch, Kapotte Muziek, EA 80 etc.