Jan Jelinek
Social Engineering
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1Social Engineering 1 (The narrative of the heritage) 4:17
2Social Engineering 2 (A mystery wants to be disclosed) 3:08
3Social Engineering 3 (ALERT!) 5:56
4Social Engineering 4 (A mystery wants to be disclosed, progressed version) 1:13
5Social Engineering 5 (The one-off opportunity) 3:56
6Social Engineering 6 (Medical frivolities) 1:48
7Social Engineering 7 (A vague allegation & the concrete blackmail) 2:53
8Social Engineering 8 (This is not a joke! 1) 0:47
9Social Engineering 9 (Sad self-optimization) 3:28
10Social Engineering 10 (Incoherent translation algorithms) 0:42
11Social Engineering 11 (BUSINESS) 4:02
12Social Engineering 12 (This is not a joke! 2) 2:22
13Social Engineering 13 (The polite threat) 1:53

Social Engineering brings together thirteen text fragments from so-called phishing emails.

Using speech synthesis, they are spoken, sung, and/or transformed into abstract textures.

The result is a 36-minute language and sound collage devoted to the dark forces of phishing.