Demdike Stare & Jon Collin
Sketches Of Everything
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Repress, edition of 300 copies, black vinyl
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1Sketches Of Everything Part 1 23:10
2Sketches Of Everything Part 2 23:06

Demdike Stare and guitarist Jon Collin drift high plains ambient scapes in a dub-strung cooperation cast somewhere between Bruce Langhorne’s Hired Hand soundtrack and a screwed Prince Jazzbo - proper stoner vistas.

Technically Demdike Stare’s first official musical collaboration, ‘Sketches Of Everything’ was recorded between Stockholm and Manchester during Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 and finds the duo’s Miles Whittaker & Sean Canty inspired by guitarist Jon Collin to create some of the most evocative scapes of their career’ Demdike match Collin’s strung-out train of thought with a mix of layered and smudged backdrops that turn the trip toward unexpected midnight hallucinations, stoner sludge and ravines of feedback.

Across two long, elliptical sides the results draw spectral parallels between the Pennine moors and ruined industry of Demdike’s native Lancashire, and the kind of moody Western Americana best described in Bruce Langhorne’s soundtrack for Peter Fonda’s ‘The Hired Hand’. Collin acts as lead protagonist with a lyrical form of guitar that sometimes takes the lead, and at others fades into mystic swirl, rendering naked strums into vapours redolent of Loren Mazzacane Connors or the loner Norwegian blues vistas of Terje Rypdal.

While playing into Demdike Stare’s core cinematic inspirations, ‘Sketches of Everything’ is still bound to surprise the group’s legion fiends and duly expand expectations of their sound, lending an absorbing new aspect to both their catalogue and Jon Collin’s singular, cranky blues aesthetic.