When Saints Go Machine
So Deep
180g transparent vinyl, 800 copies
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3Last One To Know
4Puffy Coat
5Still's Most Desired
6I Don't Tell
7Only One
8Sky's Blue Inside
9Reflection Of You (Bloodshot)
10So Deep
11Falling Is Only Bird's View A Second

Fourth studio album by Danish experimental, electronic pop trio, When Saints Go Machine. Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (vocals, production), Jonas Kenton (production), and Silas Moldenhawer's (production) unique brand of digital pop experiments has seen them collaborate with the likes of Killer Mike (Run The Jewels), carved themselves an exciting niche and received critical acclaim worldwide. The three-piece's sound was born of a complicated melting pot of musical influences. A heady mix of modern electronics, European club culture, contemporary rap and a dualism between composed and produced sounds. The engaging, extra-terrestrial feel to "So Deep" is another ambitious move from the three-piece and its genesis came about through a collaboration with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, who reinterpreted material from earlier records for live performances. That process inspired further collaborations and the expansive sound of "So Deep" is the result of that continued affinity between two tribes of musicians who, on paper, may seem the antithesis of each other. The album incorporates club inspired elements, both in sound and arrangement, exploring the process and dialogue between traditional music creation and modern digital creation. The band work tirelessly to create an expansive sample bank of orchestra recordings to put into a digital world, and then pushed and stretched them into something else entirely. The band manipulated sounds while recording in real time, which then became the sample. Samples were crafted into a score that was given back to orchestra, completing the work. A symphony of synthetic and traditional was the result, sinews between the past and future of music to create something truly unusual. This playful sense of pushing forward, of a restless desire to do something different and otherworldly is apparent across the record, an alien experiment in sound.