Le Syndicat Electronique
Rebuts - Forgotten Tracks 1999-2019
Mannequin Records
LP (color)
Ltd. edition of 400 copies, solid grey vinyl, incl. printed inner sleeve
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1Tape du pied 2:12
2La dune morte 3:42
3Remember 5:23
4The Black Stone 5:26
5Notre-Dame Is Burning 3:33
6The Boots Of The Storm 2:54
7No Message 5:16
8This Line 2:17

Mannequin Records is welcoming back Le Syndicat Electronique with a collection of lost tracks raised up from the deepest vaults of the French synth-electro pioneer.

Over a period spanning almost twenty years, "Rebuts" (the French word for "thrown away", "forgotten") is bringing back to life 8 titles that have been put aside during the different moments of creation of Le Syndicat Électronique.

Founder of the seminal Invasion Planète Recordings, the first French minimal electro/wave/experimental label founded in late 1998, and heavily influenced by the work of masters like Kraftwerk/John Carpenter/Front 242, AA// is responsible for many others dark electronic / industrial / neofolk projects - to name a few: Bruta Non Calculant, Swesor Brother, La Séduction Des Innocents, It & My Computer.