Elisa Batti
The Logic of Chaos
One Instrument
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EP (ltd.)
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1Elisa Batti & Sebastian Josef Brunnlechner – Asa (Fu Xi Guqin)8:30
2Elisa Batti & Marko Ivic – Slow Fall (Kawai CA 7)4:00
3Taiga (Moog Mother-32)5:40
4Ecstatic (Korg Minilogue)6:35

The Logic of Chaos is the latest release of Elisa Batti for the label One Instrument that gathers music composed over a period of 3 years. Fascinated by the idea of developing pieces with strict and limiting guidelines, the confined environment gave her the possibility to explore and expand the creativity and the freedom of composing. Each single piece has a specific story and is recorded with a different instrument.

“Asa” is produced together with Sebastian Josef Brunnlechner while composing the sound design for an installation. The piece comprises repetitions of a few simple loops layered and arranged over a carpet of long notes played with a bow. The bow has been intentionally played slowly in order to obtain as many overtones as possible. The short pizzicato melodies consist in small and simple repeated loops that appear and disappear dissolving with the other sounds. The intention behind this track is to let the beautiful sound of the instrument speak for itself evoking a dreamy atmosphere.

“Slow Fall” sees the collaboration with the pianist Marko Ivic and has an improvised approach. While Ivic was playing the piano Elisa Batti was processing the sounds on the fly. The piece is based on a minimalistic procedure, where continual loops create a scenographic effect.

“Taiga” includes different patches of the Moog Mother-32 and is an emotive landscape where sounds rise and disappear again, leaving space to thoughts and images.

The EP ends with “Ecstatic” created with the Korg Minilogue. It was part of a commissioned dance piece that afterwards has been readapted for the release. The final outcome sees a more complex and erratic behaviour.

Elisa Batti’s work induces a state where time stands still whilst simultaneously being in motion. Her sound palette is broad and expresses a high artistic achievement.